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“Unset in Stone” Residency, 126 Gallery

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Today marks the first day of my month-long residency at the 126 Gallery in Galway.

The residency is centred around changes in the way that we perceive national monuments, and the idea of the art object as a monument in its own right – “a symbol of the time in which it was made”.

I will be developing a series of personal texts and photographic portraits throughout the residency, focused on evolving masculine ideals of freedom and militancy in Ireland. I am starting the week off with a look into some of the cultural norms and trends that I grew up with in Donegal, and further research into the idea of the male muse.

This blog will be an informal space where I can flesh out ideas and document my progress. Check in here for announcements and weekly updates!

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