The basis for Fool emerged from Meadhbh's VAI/DCC Art Writing Award essay entitled, “Virtual Exhibitions: How Should Participation Feel?” Published at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the essay explored surveillance as a condition for participation, asking, how should participation feel?


Through the archetype of the fool-entertainer, Fool examines our preoccupation with watching and being watched. How does this inclination impact our bodies, our desires and anxieties?

Pierrot is the first of a series of texts written through various fool archetypes. The text was written by Meadhbh McNutt, designed by Alex Synge and printed at Derry Print Workshop.
CCA Derry~Londonderry exhibited Pierrot as part of ‘Window Texts’ (2021–2022), a series of risograph printed texts written by participants of the Should Artists Write? workshop.

Meadhbh is currently collaborating with Canadian artist, Margaux Smith and Irish artist Seán O'Riordan on this series.