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Meadhbh McNutt is an Irish artist and writer. Her practice traverses art writing, photography and installation. Meadhbh has exhibited internationally in Ireland, the UK, Hungary, Poland and Hong Kong. Her words and photographs can be found in various publications including Tank Magazine, Circa Art Magazine, HeadStuff and the Visual Artists’ News Sheet.

AW Collection



with Margaux Smith.

What does your data shadow look like? How does it intersect with your relationships and everyday life? These are the questions raised by Margaux Smith and Meadhbh McNutt in A Data Love Story. Through visualisation and narration, Margaux and Meadhbh tell the story of a romantic relationship through the lens of linguistic data, based on texts shared between Meadhbh and her boyfriend, Eimhin across two fortnight periods.

Data paintings by Margaux Smith, Steps to Construct a Data Story text written by Meadhbh McNutt, published in NUI Galway's Cois Coiribe.

Green Red Yellow

See me.

Archetype for the ‘attention economy’, the fool opens a world of possibility, powered by the desire to see and be seen.
A relatable stock character for today's emerging workforce of content creators and entertainers.


Idolise me.

Idolum (Latin: phantom or misconception) brings together candid texts, anonymous letters and photographs that consider the human urge to redirect grief or confusion towards an object of fixation. Looking at cultures of masculinity and martyrdom in the artist's home county Donegal, the project questions the ways in which we fabulise those we admire in their absence. 

Translate me.

Mapping the changing self: EEG-driven explosions & visual dioramas of signals in the brain compete with the self-evidence of the photographic image.


Promise me.

Give Me The Sun looks at the utopian promises and disappointments involved in art practice, featuring collaborative as well as personal responses. 


Discover me.

Once built on a thriving textiles industry, the city of Dundee now finds itself in limbo. The Bakery is a newly established organisation whose purpose is to oversee the current transformation processes.

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